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Welcome to Calculus at Rensselaer

The Department of Mathematical Sciences welcomes all students to Calculus at Rensselaer. These pages contains some generic information about Calculus, but students should consult with their instructors for course specifics.


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Calculus I Skills Problems

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Rensselaer believes that all Engineering and Science students in Calculus should become proficient in solving basic problems. It is important to work carefully and accurately and Calculus is a good place to develop these habits as the basic problems in Calculus are used in many different disciplines.

To help reach this educational goal, a list of Calculus Skills Problems has been created for students to practice and master. These problems are "algorithmically generated" which means that each problem will change but the techniques and skills needed to solve the problem will remain the same. Versions of these algorithmically generated problems will be given on exams and quizzes throughout the semester. Final answers for these problems will be graded right or wrong with no partial credit. These problems will count for a portion of each students overall grade in the course.

The Calculus Skills Problems cover portions of Calculus I. Students will be able to master these problems in advance of exams and quizzes by practicing them repeatedly. Samples of all the problems from Calculus I can be found at the tab labeled Calculus I Skills, in the navigation tool bar at the top of the page.